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The ‘Not For Ordinary Pets’ Brand

We are a modern fully personalised pet brand for our most loved family members.

Cudli was born from making a home and family, recently married and completing our home renovation on our first home, the next step was to expand our family with a new member.

Excitingly I spent a good chunk of my time searching for all the perfect accessories for our future new family member…I found a massive lack of stylish, chic and inclusive homewares to match our décor and personality. Most products on offer were brown with bones or festive prints with bright colours.

"Ding" the idea was born…a line of products inspired and designed by the customers to fit in with your décor or show off your own and your pets personality!

When creating the business we sat and made a mission that the company will be built on and we decided that Cudli would…

Create inspiring pet-wares and solutions for everyday homes and lives, through innovative designs and customer collaboration. 

I hope you enjoy looking at what Cudli has to offer, and we want our community to be at the heart of what we do…So contact us if you have something you would like to see and tag us @cudlipets to show us your pets we LOVE to see them.


Gemma & the team at Cudli

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